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Provenance Files

Jim Weed

Volume 49 Issue 08

Apr 27, 2024

A provenance file will enhance the value of your Ferrari. As important as Classiche Certification, where your Ferrari has lived, the places its been, the events it has attended and the repairs/service performed all create the story of your Ferrari.

    I personally love stories like John Cilmi’s quest to find all he could about the history of his Ferrari. 

    I believe every Ferrari should come with a folder that contains each and every title, invoice for service or parts, correspondence and anything else that helps to document the history. Good or bad.

    Every wart and problem encountered during its life and how it was rectified is important to the history.

    Often, during restoration there are surprises that arise to complicate the work needed or dramatically change the money required to complete the job.

    Aircraft have logbooks that follow the airframe throughout its life and document every time a service is performed, and the repairs made.

    Many Ferraris now have the Red Book Certification. Would it be ethical to not transfer this all-important book to the new owner? So why not build a provenance file for your Ferrari?

    As John Cilmi discovered, with some luck and perseverance, and help from the Ferrari Market Letter, it is possible.

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