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Atlanta Italian Car Day

Jim Weed

Volume 46 Issue 22

Oct 23, 2021

Italian Car Day in Atlanta. Jim Weed goes to see Ferraris and other Italian marques. Alfa, Fiat, Maserati and others all gather at Ferrari of Atlanta to enjoy a fine October day.

    Atlanta in the summer is hot, not just temperature hot, but that sweaty, sticky, humid kind of hot. Like stepping out of the shower and not drying off kind of sweaty.

    But there are those glorious weeks before and after the summer heat begins, or ends, that make Atlanta very enjoyable.

    October 2nd was one of those wonderful days when it is warm, and not oppressively hot. The few clouds also helped to keep the temperature bearable.

    Ferraris, and other Italian makes begin to arrive in the parking lot of the best Ferrari dealer in Atlanta.

    OK, it is the only Ferrari dealer in Atlanta, so that makes it the best.


    Last year Italian Car Day was one of the first post-COVID events we were able to attend. This year the same parking lot was filled to the brim and spilling out to fill every single spot.

    Ferraris included a mix of 308, 328, 348 and 355. The 360, 430 and 458 cars were also well represented.

    There were several 488s and an F8 Tributo, I still have difficulty in telling those two apart. At least from the front, I always have to look at the rear and count taillights. 488 has two, F8 has four.


    Throw in a 512 BBi and a couple of 599 GTBs and you have a well-rounded representation of Ferraris.

    I’ve saved the best for last. An F50 came all the way from Montana. Well, maybe not quite, even if it had Montana plates.


    Clearly the Ferraris are the top-of-the-line when it comes to Italian cars but there were many other makes there. Alfas, both new and old. Fiats in many different flavors with a few Lancia thrown in.

    Speaking of Lancia there was a blue Stratos on display. It drew a crowd around it as all wanted to peek into the engine compartment. It was set up in full rally mode with its multiple headlight pod attached at the front. Listening to the comments from the crowd most did not realize there was a bit of Ferrari under the four-valve cylinder heads!


    When it comes to Italian cars the one thing that defines each and every person is the passion for everything Italian.

    While the parking lot held interesting cars, Ferrari of Atlanta also had several of their cars in front of the dealership for viewing.

    A red with cuoio F8 Tributo and a red 488 Pista were a couple displayed outside. The other one was a white Roma with a subdued red interior.

    Every time I see a Roma in person, I’m more impressed with how good it looks. I’m not a fan of white cars but even the Roma looked good in that color.

    While Georgia is nowhere near the end of hot weather it was good to visit with friends and see cool Ferraris.

    Sebring is right around the corner. See you there!


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