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Wasted Time

Jim Weed

Volume 45 Issue 19

Sep 12, 2020

I’m missing car events. I’ve been sheltering, or am I sheltered, from the normal events that make for a fun and busy year. Since Amelia Island I haven’t attended any of the usual events we cover. Mainly because they have all been canceled.
Celebration Florida is one of the more fun, low-key events, with newer Ferraris lined up and down the street. Throngs of people mass the sidewalks and mingle between the cars. The cars are judged with excellent judging talent, but it doesn’t have the same feel as Cavallino or Pebble Beach. The owners don’t seem to sweat the details which takes a lot of pressure off the judging. The fun is sharing with hundreds of children who may be able, for the first time, to get up close to a Ferrari. How many of you remember the first time you either saw or heard your first Ferrari?

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