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The Ferrari Place

Jim Hunter

Volume 47 Issue 09

Apr 30, 2022

Jim Hunter has expanded his Prancing Horse articles to include interesting stories of how three gentlemen came together to create FAF Motorcars. The importance of FAF cannot be overlooked as it bridged Chinetti and the advent of Ferrari North America.

The Ferrari Place

By Jim Hunter



    Jim Hunter published in The Prancing Horse an excellent series about the Ferrari dealer in Tucker, GA.

    His research produced more information than his previous articles could handle.

    Hunter has gone into much more detail about how three personalities came together to create a small Ferrari parts business and went on to become one of the premier dealers in America.

    The Ferrari Place is a fascinating look into how Ferrari business was conducted before corporate regulations and pressures homogenized the dealership experience.

    Ewing Hunter (no relation), Wes Devoto and John Apen began with a goal of disseminating manuals to owners who, at the time, could not find information about the Ferraris they owned.

    They developed a catalog that combined maintenance tips with parts for sale. This concept had never been done before with Ferrari parts.

    The Ferrari Owners Survival Manual was, and still is, a coveted manual by most mechanics.

    FAF Motorcars was a unique place to work for and it spawned many people involved in our world. 

    Steve Ahlgrim and Ted Rutland both got their start at FAF. I myself did two separate stints at FAF.

    Hunter has captured the times and era when a need was filled. He describes what it was like to enjoy the FAF experience. 

    Every library has books on cars detailing all the various aspects of a particular model. 

    The Ferrari Place describes how a dealer in Tucker, GA., made a difference in America.

    Run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, the FAF Motorcars story holds a place in history and should occupy a spot on your shelf.

                                                                      Jim Weed

    A sewn-bound, offset-press hardback with a laminated case-wrapped cover, each copy of this extremely limited first run will be hand-numbered. 

$49.95 plus shipping

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