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rosso maranello - the register for cars from Maranello

Volume 45 Issue 22

Oct 24, 2020

rosso maranello has two new books. One, Ferrari Serial Numbers is the chronological listing of all Ferrari chassis numbers. The other, The Complete Register is the printed form of the content of the rosso maranello database.


      rosso maranello is one of the world’s largest private databases for vehicles from Maranello which is operated by Michael Graf.

     It is not associated with or sponsored by Ferrari SpA in Maranello and Modena or any of its subsidiaries. This has been his only private hobby for many years.

     In his own words:

     For more than 30 years I have been collecting all available information about the individual vehicles from Maranello. It all started with a few Ferrari models and the desire for more information about the original vehicles and their history.

    Starting with my first books on Ferrari and car racing, I collected all the information contained therein and assigned it to the individual vehicles.

     Valuable resources were the two volumes Ferrari Serial Numbers of Hilary A. Raab jr. as well as the magazine Cavallino and the issues of the Ferrari Market Letter.

     Today my archive includes well over 5,000 books, magazines, sales brochures, auction catalogs and other publications on the subject of Ferrari. I have received additional information from current and former owners, dealers, workshops and restoration companies.

     To mark the 50th anniversary of Ferrari in 1997, I published the Ferrari Register 1997 in a small edition with information on more than 26,000 vehicles and sold them worldwide.



     Over the years, work on the register has continued and more than 137,000 chassis numbers have now been assigned to individual vehicles. That’s more than 60% of all Ferrari vehicles ever built.

     Listed are all production cars from Ferrari, Dino and ASA, all kinds of racing cars (F1, F2, GT, …), prototypes and one-offs. And the work on the register continues.

     The two publications offered now are absolutely unique on the worldwide Ferrari literary market.

     It is a must for any Ferrari enthusiast and a valuable addition to all research related to Ferrari.

     Ferrari Serial Numbers is the chronological listing of all Ferrari chassis numbers.

     It contains where available, in addition to the model, the year built, the coachbuilder and the body, LHD/RHD and the painting and the interior for delivery. Also included are all identified Dino, ASA and racing cars.

     Ferrari Serial Numbers consists of four-volumes with over 2,000 pages. It costs €950, including all shipping costs worldwide.



     The Complete Register is the printed form of the full content of rosso maranello and contains general information about all models ever built by Ferrari (Auto Avio Construzioni 815 to Ferrari Roma).

     Sorted by models, all known chassis numbers are listed with respective information about the individual vehicle. In addition to the individual factory specifications, the optional equipment and the complete chassis number of the vehicle, the delivery data, the first owner, other owners, registration numbers, sales offers, auction results, repairs, restorations, repainting, conversions as well as accidents or scrapping are included.

     This information is supplemented with information about race participations such as team, driver, race number and the result. A list of pictures of the vehicle in the literature completes the history of the individual vehicle.

     The Complete Register consists of 13 volumes with over 7,500 pages. It costs €9,800 including all shipping costs worldwide.

     Both publications are only available directly from the author. Worldwide shipping with UPS.


     For more information:


     As one who works within our own database every day, I appreciate how much work goes into the collection and archiving of Ferrari serial numbers.

     The availability of this much information in one place makes having The Complete Register a good complement to one’s library.

     Whether buying or selling your Ferrari, knowing what information is available is a must.

     Additionally, it is always fun to look up the history of any, or all, the Ferraris from any event where cars from Maranello gather.

     Jim Weed 


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