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RM Sotheby’s Miami - 10 December 2022

Volume 47 Issue 26

Dec 25, 2022

RM Miami sale had an F50 with a remarkable result. Other Ferraris were strong.

    365 GTB/4 SPYDER, S/N 16835 (1973). Rosso Chiaro with nero interior. Estimate $2 million to $2.4 million. The 89th of 121 examples built. Specified in left-hand-drive with instruments in miles and equipped with air conditioning and a Becker Mexico radio. Completed assembly in March 1973, it was distributed to Hollywood Sports Cars. In October it was sold to its first owner of record, James Levitt of Beverly Hills, California. Mr. Levitt retained possession of the car for three years before selling it in 1976 to motorcycle stuntman Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel. He reportedly experienced great difficulty getting in and out of the Ferrari, and consequently sold the car later that year to disc jockey Frankie Crocker. He later moved to Beverly Hills, as registrations on file reflect. Serviced at Hollywood Sports Cars in March 1986 and odometer reflected 22,571 miles of use. Mr. Crocker owned the Ferrari for nearly 20 years, along the way commissioning a repaint by noted Bill DeCarr. In January 1997 the Daytona was acquired by Terry Price of Gazelle, California, and he sold the spyder a few years later to Major League Baseball slugger, Reggie Jackson. During his ownership he commissioned the installation of a new interior and mounted new Borrani wire wheels. In late 2008, Grand Prix Motors in Campbell, California, rebuilt the carburetors, suspension, brakes, and exhaust system. When he offered the car for sale in January 2011, the odometer displayed 26,889 miles. Purchased then by the consignor, it has continued to benefit from regular maintenance while accruing an average of 222 miles per year. Believed to never have been the subject of a comprehensive restoration. Complete tool roll, a period Shell dust cloth, a full set of books in leather pouch, including the owner’s manual, warranty card, the “sales and assistance service” booklet, and a Becker radio manual and associated service booklet. Documented with prior registration reflecting Frankie Crocker’s ownership, Reggie Jackson’s restoration invoices, and Ferrari dealer service invoices dating back to 2011. Currently displaying 29,431 miles, believed to be original. Lot 153. Sold for $2.2 million.


    365 GT4/BB, S/N 17927 (1974). Rosso Dino with black Boxer trim, crema interior. Estimate $300,000 to $400,000. No reserve. Dispatched to Dino Ravasio & Sons of Verona in June of 1974 and sold to its first owner that July. Sold in 1981 to the late Aldo Cudone, in whose stable it would remain for the next two decades. The car underwent a major service in 2009, which included new factory exhaust pipes and overhaul of the air conditioning system. Service records are included. Numerous factory and dealer-supplied materials accompany the car, including a 1974 service and sales book, guarantee card, radio instructions, spare parts catalogue, and instruction manual, in the leather pouches. Classiche Certificate of Authenticity, history report and a data sheet issued by the Automobile Club of Italy. Freshly serviced prior to the sale, including cambelts, and a thorough detail. Lot 139. Sold for 335,000.


    512 BB, S/N 27117 (1979). Rosso Chiaro with nero interior. Estimate $275,000 to $300,000. Imported by Chinetti for Southern Californian, Donald L. Weber. As with all “gray-market” examples, it was federalized by Automotive Compliance, Inc., of Harbor City, California. Correspondence and paperwork on file detail purchase, import and subsequent federalization. By 1985, Weber saw fit to undertake a limited series of modifications, enlisting Richard’s Interiors of Van Nuys, California, to install red-dyed headliner, red carpets, and red door panels, as well as red piping on the black leather seats. A MOMO Prototipo steering wheel, and velocity stacks atop its Weber carburetors in place of the stock air cleaner. Weber would retain the 512 BB for the rest of his life, with the car gaining only its second caretaker when it entered The Rey collection in 2021. 4,458 miles. Routine maintenance with invoices on file dated 2013–2014 indicate fuel and cooling system work, as well as an engine-out service and carburetor cleaning. Maintenance has continued under present ownership, including an additional engine-out service completed in October 2022. Lot 142. Sold for $250,000.


    F512M, VIN ZFFVG40A3S0102690 (1995). Rosso corsa with beige interior. Estimate $400,000 to $450,000. The 52nd of 75 US-market cars produced. Complete with Castoro (“beaver”) carpets. The window sticker shows it was delivered new to Cavallino Classics of Scottsdale, Arizona, in early 1996. Sold thereafter to its first recorded owner, the car is believed to have resided in Nebraska with its original owner until at least November 1998, and then moved to California under new ownership sometime between 1999 and 2002. By October 2009 it was purchased by the consignor, who exported it to Kuwait. Since then the F512 M has traveled approximately 300 miles, with fewer than 10,200 miles indicated. Service invoices on file. In September 2021, the dealer in Kuwait furnished new engine belts, gaskets, filters, spark plugs, and fluids. Window sticker, manuals, and service invoices, factory tool kit with leather case. Offered from The Youngtimer Collection. Lot 119. Sold for $533,000.



    F50, VIN ZFFTA46B000103274 (1995). Rosso corsa with nero interior. Estimate $5.5 million to $6.5 million. The eighth of 349 examples built, it commenced assembly in July 1995. Completed in October, it was delivered in November 1995 to the car’s first owner, a dealership in Singapore called Hong Seh Motors. The Ferrari was kept as a personal car by the dealership’s principal, Alfred Tan. Mr. Tan reportedly stored the F50 at his home in a pristine state for many years, never driving the car. In 2013, after 18 years of ownership, Mr. Tan sold the Ferrari to Texas. It has been serviced ever since, while only being driven for minimal exercise miles and occasional enjoyment. In June 2014 the car was certified with a Classiche Red Book. More recently, an October 2022 invoice on file attests the car benefitted from an inspection and service. Currently displaying 625 miles. Accompanied by fitted luggage, and the flight case for the removable hardtop. It is documented with a 1995 certificate of origin, factory purchase order, bill of lading for export to Singapore, service invoices from Norwood Auto Italia, history by Marcel Massini, and the Classiche Red Book. Lot 131. Sold for $5.4 million.



    ENZO FERRARI, VIN ZFFCW56A330133916 (2003). Rosso corsa with rosso and nero interior. Estimate $3.25 million to $3.75 million. Assembled in June 2003, specified for delivery to the United States. In November 2003 it was reportedly sold new through São Paolo, Brazil, dealer Via Europa Ltda, and by July 2004 the car was titled in Beverly Hills, California. By October 2004 it was purchased by a collector based in Glen Cove, New York, and was serviced several times over the next few years by Ferrari of Long Island. After 10 years the Long Island-based owner decided to sell, and the car was acquired circa August 2014 by its third owner living in South Carolina. It was serviced in May 2017 by Foreign Cars Italia. In 2020 it was Classiche certified, however, the original Red Book has been lost, and the consignor has ordered a replacement through Ferrari that will be made available to the buyer. Acquired by the consignor, a Florida-based collector who is believed to be the car’s fourth owner. Serviced in March 2022 by Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale, including the installation of a new battery and mounting of new Bridgestone Potenza tires. 11,870 miles. Lot 148. Sold for $3.2 million.



    328 GTS, VIN ZFFCA20S000082103 (1989). Rosso corsa with beige leather. Estimate $100,000 to $150,000. No reserve. Completed in July of 1989 and sold new through Garage de Moncor S.A. in Villars-sur-Glâne, Switzerland. Sparingly driven with 2,400 kilometers (1,491 miles) displayed. Accompanied by a Classiche Certificate of Authenticity and several invoices, including one from October 2022 that details the cambelt service. Lot 125. Sold for $235,200.



    F40, VIN ZFFMN34A2L0085596 (1990). Rosso with Stoffa Vigogna interior. Estimate $3 million to $3.5. The 18th of 213 examples specified for the United States. Completed in June 1990 and distributed to Grand Prix Motors of Seattle, Washington. Sold to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Options included the leather fitted luggage made by Schedoni. Mr. Allen retained possession for 13 years. It was offered in July 2003 with 1,600 miles. Sold to Michael Warn of Oregon, in October 2003. In June 2007 the Ferrari was acquired by a dealer in Laguna Niguel, California, who had the car serviced. It received Classiche Red Book certification. Sold in March 2008 and again later when it was purchased by a collector in Darien, Connecticut. In October 2011 the car was sold to Florida before being acquired by the consignor in 2019. Displaying 2,736 miles. Well documented with Massini history, warranty booklet, prior titles, bills of sale, and a service invoice. Owner’s manuals, pouch, tools, and Schedoni fitted luggage. Lot 122. Sold for $3.25 million.



    360 SPIDER F1, VIN ZFFYT53A250140068 (2005). Blu Tour de France with beige leather. Estimate $100,000 to $125,000. No reserve. Power Daytona-style seats, Cavallino embossed headrests, and a matching leather upholstered roll bar. Red brake calipers, front Challenge-style grilles, a dark blue soft-top, and a Zeuna Stärker sport exhaust system, which comes on the Challenge Stradale model. Delivered new to California, but by 2008 was at home in South Florida, then indicating 2,600 miles. Subsequently passing to the consignor in 2017, presents today with just under 10,100 miles. Maintenance orders on file at regular mileage intervals. Notable past service include refresh of the interior buttons, and a new pair of catalyst ECUs. Under the consignor’s ownership the car has also benefitted from a full rebuild of the hydraulic system components that operate the convertible soft-top. Lot 160. Sold for $128,800.


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