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RM Sotheby’s Dare to Dream Collection 31 May - 1 June 2024

Volume 49 Issue 12

Jun 22, 2024

RM/Sotheby's Dare to Dream collection.

     Canadian financier Miles Nadal auctioned off his vast collection of shoes, cars, and automobiles. For years, he displayed the items at a Canadian museum, but he’s finally ready to part with the majority of his goods. Among the items sold are 500 pairs of Air Jordans, including some from the 1980s; two pairs of rare Nike Air Mags; and shoes signed by the likes of Tom Brady, Joel Embiid, and Steph Curry. The automiles span 144 cars and motorcycles.

     250 GT/L, S/N 5381 GT (1964). Maroon with black interior. Estimate $1.5 million to $1.8 million. No reserve. Dispatched to Scaglietti in November 1963, and completed three months later, specified for the European market and finished in Nocciola with Rosso Connolly interior. Other than being distributed in March 1964 to Renato Nocentini’s Garage La Rotunda in Prato, Italy, little is known about the 250 GT’s life over the following eight years, except it was exported to North America circa 1969. Documentation back to the early 1970s. Purchased in 1980 the Ferrari was cosmetically refinished in black with black leather interior. In 1994 it was sold to Maranello Motors and they found a new owner in Toronto. Mr. McNeely commissioned a significant restoration retaining the Legendary Motorcar Company to refinish the chassis, brightwork, wheels, and coachwork. Three years later the car was acquired by Alfieri and quickly resold to another Canadian collector who refinished the coachwork in the current color. Acquired by the Dare to Dream Collection in September 2013. Lot 381. Sold for $1.5 million.


      275 GTB/4, S/N 10427 (1967). Midnight blue with cream interior. Estimate $2.8 million to $3.4 million. No reserve. Specified for the French market with instruments in kilometers and yellow headlamp lenses; finished in Argento paint with nero leather interior, including full leather seats. Distributed through French importer Franco-Britannic Autos in Paris, and delivered in November 1967 to its first owner. Over the next 43 years, the 275 passed through a short chain of four additional French caretakers before being offered in July 2010. It was acquired by a collector in Greece, and he commissioned a cosmetic refinish in the current midnight blue over cream. Classiche certification in May 2012 with Certificate of Authenticity were issued. Shortly thereafter the berlinetta was sold to a Swiss watch manufacturer. In October 2013 the Ferrari was acquired by the Dare to Dream Collection. Accompanied with manuals in their pouch and a reproduction tool roll. Lot 371. Sold for $3.3 million.


     365 GTB/4, S/N 16691 (1973). Blu Scozia with beige leather. Estimate $650,000 to $800,000. No reserve. Completed on 18 July 1973, finished Rosso Chiaro with beige leather. Optioned with factory air conditioning. Distributed through Harrah’s Modern Classic Motors to its first owner, a Mr. Chess of Los Angeles. Chess retained the car for the next five years before offering it for sale in July 1978. It was then advertised in 1983 before moving to Florida where it was offered by Motorcar Gallery in 1986. Purchased by Horst Bauling in Germany, the Daytona was exported to Europe and minimally used, essentially being stored for a period of almost 20 years. In 2006, it was acquired by a connoisseur in Los Angeles. The owner commissioned a ground-up restoration by Exclusive Motorcars’ Rex Nguyen. Mr. Nguyen sent the body to Beckman Metal Works in Costa Mesa for a bare-metal repaint in the Ferrari color of Blu Scozia, and a correct interior was sourced from Romano Luppi’s shop in Italy. A thick file of invoices and over 1,000 photographs document the precise and well-researched work. Completed by mid-2011, it debuted at Concorso Italiano where it earned a Platinum Award. Another Platinum at the Cavallino Classic 2012, and in May at the FCA’s Southwest Regional Meet at the Concorso Ferrari in Pasadena, a Best-in-Class Award on 10 June at the San Marino Motor Classic. Classiche certification in October 2013. Since coming to the Dare to Dream Collection, it has continued concours-quality care. Accompanied by restoration documentation, service invoices, tool kit, and assortment of owner’s manuals. 25,536 miles. Lot 326. Sold for $1.1 million.


     TESTAROSSA, VIN ZFFSG17A2L0085602 (1990). Rosso corsa with tan leather. Estimate $150,000 to $200,000. No reserve. Sold new by Walnut Creek Ferrari. The Carfax notes that it later relocated to Southern California. In 2014, it was acquired for the collection with 8,794 miles recorded. Serviced at Fast Cars Ltd., of Redondo Beach, with cosmetic improvements and mechanical sorting. 8,866 miles. Accompanied by a set of six pieces of accessory Schedoni fitted luggage, tools and original books. Lot 321. Sold for $179,200.


     F50, VIN ZFFTA46B000106400 (1996). Rosso corsa with nero leather. Estimate $3.7 million to $4.2 million. No reserve. In July 1996 the car was issued a certificate of origin. Single ownership by a Monaco-based collector for 13 years. Documentation includes former registrations, bills of sale, a Marcel Massini history report, and Classiche Red Book with Certificate of Authenticity. In early 2010 the owner sold to DK Engineering. In January 2015 it was sold to the consignor, who became the car’s fourth private owner. 20,910 km. Accompanied with soft top in canvas bag, factory-issued flight case for the hard top, and owner’s manuals. Lot 332. Sold for $4.2 million.


     550 MARANELLO, VIN ZFFZS49A7Y0122078 (2000). Rosso corsa with nero interior. Estimate $200,000 to $250,000. No reserve. An original Canadian-delivery example sold new by Brian Jessel Sport Cars of Vancouver. It was acquired for the collection from a seller in Concord, Ontario, in 2011. Invoices on file for service and improvements over the last decade. In 2011, Ferrari Maserati of Ontario performed a belt service at 2,523 km. Further service and an oil change followed in 2013, and in 2022 the shock actuators were rebuilt, and the “sticky buttons” were corrected. Small paint chips to the front air dam. 6,729 km. Complete with books in their folio with flashlight, tool kit, and a piece of British-made Globe-Trotter luggage trimmed to match the car’s nero interior. Lot 312. Sold for $296,500.


     ENZO, VIN ZFFCW56AX30130270 (2003). Rosso corsa with Pelle Nero. Estimate $3.8 million to $4.5 million. No reserve. One of three examples (130270, 130688, 131026) ordered new by New York’s Caiola family. Delivered by Wide World of Cars on 20 August 2003. Despite its specification as a US-market car, a 2004 service invoice shows the technicians discovered Ferrari had equipped this Enzo with Euro-market ECUs, and these were duly replaced at no cost. In June 2006, it was sold to Beverly Hills. In its second owner’s care, in May 2008 he registered this Enzo in Alberta, Canada, although service history shows the car spent most of its days at properties in Southern California and Arizona. Just prior to entering the Dare to Dream Collection during January 2015, it was serviced by Ferrari of Vancouver. The Four-Year Service completed, as well as the fitment of a new windshield, oil pump, water pump, and refinishing of its front bumper. In July 2017, service included refreshing the chassis with new suspension components including ball joints, and sway bar links at all four corners. In February 2023 the front end was coated in protective film. A piece of fitted luggage, an additional set of wheels and tires in original condition, manuals, warranty card, and owner’s service book with pouch, and tools. Lot 357. Sold for $4.3 million.


     LAFERRARI, VIN ZFF76ZFA9F0210477 (2015). Rosso corsa with Pelle Neri. Estimate $3.8 million to $4.2 million. No reserve. Delivered new to Ferrari of Alberta in May 2015. Scuderia shields, black wheels, red brake calipers, exposed carbon fiber exterior trim, interior piping in Pelle Rossi leather. Upon receipt, the car’s original owner immediately had the entire body done with clear protective film. Following 10 months and approximately 1,000 kilometers, it was purchased by the Dare to Dream Collection. 2,842 kilometers. Maintained by Ferrari dealers, and always stored on a battery charger in climate-controlled facility. Ferrari Yellow Book, factory charger, owner’s manuals in pouch, a piece of Schedoni LaFerrari luggage, tools and tire inflator. Lot 375. Sold for $3.7 million.


     246 GTS, S/N 07730 (1974). Rosso Chiaro with beige leather. $500,000 to $600,000. No reserve. Completed in January 1974. Specified for the US market, power windows, air conditioning, Cromodora wheels and Daytona seats with black inserts. Distributed through Chinetti-Garthwaite and allocated to Continental Autos of Lake Forest, Illinois, and sold new to the company Brunner & Lay of Asheville, North Carolina. Over the next 10 years it passed through two additional owners before being acquired in 1984 by Bill Jacobs of Joliet, Illinois. Mr. Jacobs quickly sold to Michael Leventhal of Chicago, who retained possession for 35 years. A gradual accrual of recorded mileage suggests that the 6,597 miles on the odometer are original. In October 2019 it was issued a Red Book from Classiche. After being sold to the Dare to Dream Collection in January 2020, it was treated to a bare-metal refinish in the original color and the Daytona-style seats were rebuilt with new padding and leather upholstery. Documentation includes a filled-out warranty booklet, service invoices dating to 1985, a history report by Marcel Massini, and Classiche Red Book. Lot 349. Sold for $775,000.


     288 GTO, VIN ZFFPA16B000052465 (1984). Rosso corsa with nero leather. Estimate $3.7 million to $4 million. No reserve. Distributed to Pasolini Automobili, and sold new to Emilio “Chico” Gnutti, one of Italy’s most accomplished executives in the financing industry. Single-owner care for 26 years. In October 2006 Mr. Gnutti applied for certification and was issued a Red Book and Certificate of Authenticity. In November 2012 it was sold to English professional golfer Ian Poulter. The Dare to Dream Collection acquired in 2015. Currently displaying 26,617 kilometers. Lot 308. Sold for $3.9 million.


     F40, VIN ZFFGJ34B000084169 (1990). Rosso corsa with Stoffa Vigogna. Estimate $2.7 million to $3.2 million. No reserve. Completed on 1 March 1990, imported from Europe to Japan three months later and first registered there on 11 June of 1990 in Osaka. In 2004, it would pass to another owner who retained it for five years before passing it on to its third and final Japanese caretaker in 2010. In 2015 it was sold to DK Engineering. Service included cambelts, fuel tanks, rear upper wishbone bushings, wheel lock clips, and fluids replaced, the suspension stripped and refurbished with overhauled dampers, the cam covers stripped and repainted, the valve clearances checked, and a fire system fitted. Classiche Red Book was issued on 9 February 2016. Manuals in pouch and tools. Since entering the Dare to Dream Collection in late 2015, it has been continuously maintained, with the water pump replaced and a turbo unit rebuilt in 2020, and the air conditioning system serviced and recharged in 2023. 1,606 km.  Lot 320. Sold for $3.5 million.


     SF90 STRADALE, VIN ZFF95NLA1M0264314 (2021). Rosso corsa with nero interior. Estimate $600,000 to $700,000. No reserve. Completed in February 2021 and delivered new to the Dare to Dream Collection. Options include carbon fiber driver zone, rear shelf, door panels, upper center console, and dash inserts. Nero dashboard with red stitching throughout, electric seats with Cavallinos on the headrests with a red center stripe. The exterior features forged wheels, titanium wheel bolts and carbon fiber hubcaps with red brake calipers. Suspension lifter and front driving camera. 1,371 km. Battery charger, tools, tire inflator, owner’s manual, and delivery presentation box with partial contents. Lot 363. Sold for $472,500.



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