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Jim Weed

Volume 45 Issue 16

Aug 1, 2020

250 GT PF COUPE, S/N 1427 (1959). Grigio Scuro with tan leather. Delivered to Bologna, Italy, in 1959. Repainted red at some point during the interceding years; an accompanying bill of sale dated April 8th, 1981 transferred ownership from Simsbury, Connecticut, to North Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA


    250 GT PF COUPE, S/N 1427 (1959). Grigio Scuro with tan leather. Delivered to Bologna, Italy, in 1959. Repainted red at some point during the interceding years; an accompanying bill of sale dated April 8th, 1981 transferred ownership from Simsbury, Connecticut, to North Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA. By 1986, it had been sold to Prof. Ruggero Santilli. Fully restored between 1987 and 1989. Over two decades of ownership, records and documentation indicate the owner spared no expense in keeping the car to an exemplary standard. After leaving Santilli’s ownership in 2013, the car was brought to the United Kingdom. Between 2014 and 2018, it was subjected to an extensive, no-expenses-spared restoration. The numbers-matching powertrain have been overhauled by marque specialists within the United Kingdom with an aim to return the chassis to a proper “period-correct” state. All brightwork and rubber seals appear in appropriate condition. Classiche certification. Lot 157. Not sold at high bid of €460,000.

    330 GT 2+2 INTERIM, S/N 7029 GT (1965). Gray with black interior. Estimate €120,000 to €150,000. No reserve. Sold through a dealer in Paris, France, originally specified in Rosso Cina with Nero Franzi leather. The Ferrari remained with its original owner until the mid-1980s, at which point it was sold to a second French owner. A 1996 purchase invoice in the history file notes that the 330 GT had already been painted gray by this time. Before selling the vehicle onward, the owner undertook a rebuild of the original engine, the engine has done less than 300 km since then. In 2005, it left France and was sold to a new owner in Switzerland. Purchased by Mr. Richoz in 2009 from the Swiss owner, it remained in his care until his passing. Undated invoices on file show that Mr. Richoz had a small amount of interior work completed during his ownership. 76,763 km. Lot 129. Sold at high bid of €115,000.

    275 GTB, S/N 8193 (1966). Red with black leather. Estimate €1.7 million to €1.9 million. Produced in January 1966, this aluminum-bodied 275 GTB was fitted with three carburetors, full leather seats, power windows, and CV joints, being amongst the last cars equipped before production switched to torque tube. Originally painted Rosso Rubino (106-R-12) and trimmed in Nero (VM 8500). Sold in Lausanne in March 1966. The car would remain in Italy until December 1966 when it left the country and was subsequently sold to Switzerland. Ferrari historian Marcel Massini notes that in 1980, the car developed an engine problem around 90,000 km, and the owner’s son, an apprentice at a mechanical school in Geneva, overhauled the engine using parts supplied from Ferrari of Geneva. It is worth noting that the engine was likely replaced at this time, as the current engine bearing internal engine number 784/64 was originally fitted to another 275 GTB alloy chassis no. 07899, has been restamped to “08193”. Please note that RM Sotheby’s is attempting to locate the original engine for chassis number 8193. The owner retained his 275 GTB until 1988 when it was sold. The new owners had the car cosmetically overhauled and repainted in its current shade of red. Roughly a year later, they sold the car. Last sold in 2004, the body number is present on many components including the bumpers, hinges, and under the seats, and the car retains its original transmission. Accompanied with a set of books and tools, a comprehensive history file which includes pictures of the car finished in Rosso Rubino, and photographs of the car being repainted from bare metal to its current shade of red, copies of previous registration documents, as well as a preliminary list of work needed to be done in order to attain Classiche certification. 47,507 km. Lot 132. Sold at high bid of €1.3 million.

    365 GT 2+2, S/N 11557 (1968). Silver with blue interior. Estimate €100,000 - €120,000. Completed in July 1968 and finished in Argento Metallizzato with Blu Nuvola Connolly leather. Delivered new to Perugia-based Ferrari dealer Romeo Pedini, then purchased by its first owner and registered with local municipal plates. By 1972 it had been imported stateside and appeared in a February 1979 Ferrari Club of America classified with 60,000 km. Reportedly placed into an Oklahoma storage facility in 1998 with 88,000 kms and would remain untouched until 2016. It was inspected and is said to run and was apparently driven under its own power, though no attempts have been made to start it since. Purchased by the prior owner in 2017 and imported to Bergamo, Italy. Now offered as a restoration project in need of mechanical and cosmetic consideration. Original finishes abound, and the overall state of the car appears to be largely undisturbed. The interior features the original steering wheel, shifter, gauges, and leather seat upholstery. The engine bay is dirty and unrestored but appears to have remained substantially complete. The air conditioning has been disconnected, though the compressor is still with the car. Matching ten-hole magnesium alloy spare, jack kit, and Marcel Massini history report. Lot 222. Sold at high bid of €83,000.

    365 GTB/4, S/N 13827 (1970). Red with red leather. Estimate €400,000 to €500,000. Produced in October of 1970 and delivered new into Canada. Originally finished in Grigio Ferro (106-E-8), it does retain its original interior in Rosso (VM 893) leather with black inserts. In 1990 it was offered for sale in Volume 15 of Ferrari Market Letter. History documents show the Ferrari entering Switzerland in January of 1991. In 1997 it was purchased by Mr. Richoz, who immediately began a series of repairs. Invoices on file from November of that year detail the complete dismantling of the engine for cleaning, removal and replacement of a damaged piston, and reassembly. In 2005, repairs to the bodywork included repairs to both rear wings and new paint on the boot and rear skirt. Fitted with its original engine and a replacement gearbox. Owner’s manuals and tool roll. 45,904 km. Lot 131. Sold at high bid of €395,000.

    365 GT4/BB, S/N 17885 (1974). Red with tan interior. Estimate €200,000 to €300,000. Completed on 2 April 1974. Delivered to Geneva, Switzerland. Almost no owner history is known about this Boxer. According to the 1980 UK Ferrari Owner’s Club register, the vehicle was owned by Swiss-based billionaire Bernd Grohe. It is thought that the vehicle has never been exported outside Switzerland. Purchased by Mr. Richoz in 1999, the 365 GT4/BB remained in his collection until his passing. Invoices on file from 2012 note paintwork to the rear bumper and body, and mechanical work including a full carburetor tune. With tools and a set of owner’s manuals. 30,944 km. Lot 130. Sold at high bid of €245,000.

    365 GT4 2+2, S/N 19709 (1976). Silver with black leather. Estimate €80,000 to €120,000. Truly the last of its kind, the final Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 built. Produced in September 1976 and would remain in its native Italy. Delivered to Milan. By 1979, the car had passed to an owner in Florence and the car passed through a subsequent owner in Rome before being acquired by the current owner in Bologna in 2016. It has been well preserved and has seen limited use over the last 20 years. Recent full service by Officina Sauro in Bologna to bring it back to running and driving condition. The air conditioning has been converted to a more modern setup. Original radio. New Michelin XWX tires were fitted in June 2015 and the suspension was overhauled as well. Weber carburetors were overhauled as well. Invoices on file. The bodywork has been refreshed over the years; the car’s interior remains untouched. The leather, interior rubbers, and carpets show wonderful patina and can continue to be used and enjoyed with careful preservation. Certified by Classiche and retains its original engine. 55,066 km. Lot 260. Not sold at high bid of €66,000.

    TESTAROSSA, VIN ZFFTA17S000060781 (1986). Rosso corsa with nero leather. Estimate €70,000 - €85,000. No reserve. Delivered new to Switzerland. On January 3, 1986, it was delivered to it’s first owner. The car remained in Switzerland for at least the first two years of its life before passing to Norway in 2005, where a service was carried out at 13,288 km. The service book shows a subsequent service in the U.K. where cambelts and clutch were replaced at 13,871 km in March of 2012. Since then, it has been driven less than 1,300 km and is showing just less than 15,200 km. Please note this car does not have taxes paid in the EU, the buyer is responsible for any applicable duty, import fees, administrative fees, or any and all other required payments that are due upon the import of the lot to the EU, or to remove the car from Bond. Lot 232. Sold at high bid of €83,000.

    TESTAROSSA, VIN ZFFSG17AXJ0075283 (1988). White with beige leather. Estimate €60,000 to €90,000. Completed in November of 1987 and was built to U.S. specifications. Photographs included in the history file show the car was delivered just as it presents today, fitted with the single wheel nut “monodado” wheels. On October 19, 1994, it was purchased by its second owner with 7,971 miles. It was sold about a year later to a dealership in California. That same year it was exported to Denmark, with 9,597 miles. Continuing to remain in Denmark, it was purchased by another in April of 2014. Shortly after, the engine’s timing belt was replaced during an engine-out service in June of 2014. It was kept for a year prior to selling to the consignor with 25,608 miles. At this point, the car was exported to Germany, where it has remained accruing roughly 1,200 more miles. The car is fitted with a Koenig exhaust and offered with its original tool kit, jack, and owner’s manuals, as well as some documentation, including service invoices from its time in Denmark. 26,747 miles. Lot 135. Sold at high bid of €100,000.

    456 GT, VIN ZFFWP44B000105451 (1996). Verde Mugello with beige leather. Estimate €75,000 to €95,000. Delivered new to Caracas, Venezuela, in June 1996. It was sold for the first time in June 1997 to Mr. Marcel Granier who was the General Director of RCTV which was the most watched TV channel in Venezuela, and also famous for supporting the attempted coup against President Hugo Chávez. In January 1998, Mr Granier had the car sent to France, where he sparingly used it and meticulously maintained it until 2011 when it was moved to the U.K. where it remained in Mr Granier’s custody until December 2015. Recent maintenance in March 2020 includes engine oil, camshaft, timing belt replacement and removal of the infamous “sticky buttons” finish. Accompanied by its original delivery invoice, books, tools, luggage set, and car cover. Less than 21,000 km. Lot 148. Not sold at high bid of €66,000.

    612 SCAGLIETTI F1 SESSANTA #32/60, VIN ZFFJY54B000158626 (2008). Blue Scozia and Avorio with cioccolato leather. Estimate €130,000 to €160,000. Delivered new through the factory to its first owner on July 8, 2008. Special-order two-tone paint scheme of Avorio over Blu Scozia. The interior is fully trimmed in Cioccolato leather and features quilted stitching details in bianco with matching bianco instrument cluster details, a Bose infotainment and navigation system and enamel plaque on the center console commemorating the 308 GTB of 1982 and marking this as Sessanta #36 of 60. The car remained in Italy until 2013, when it was purchased by the current owner. Serviced in the Netherlands, in 2014 it was exported to the U.K. Subsequently the car has been sparingly enjoyed but regularly serviced in July 2016 and August 2017, and then again in September 2019. Original owner’s manuals, including its original service book, as well as various service invoices. Less than 21,000 km. Comes with a 60th anniversary commemorative enamel plaque box set, left hand drive headlight pods which can be utilized if the car is brought back to a LHD market, original car cover and battery conditioner. Lot 139. Sold at high bid of €125,000.

    612 SCAGLIETTI F1, VIN ZFFJY54B000158629 (2007). Nero with beige interior. Estimate €60,000 to €75,000. No reserve. HGT2-equipped. Beige interior featuring black Daytona-style seat inserts. Satellite navigation and yellow-painted calipers, carbon fiber interior trim, and carbon ceramic brakes. Delivered new to Sweden on March 10, 2008. Exported to Norway by at least 2013, the car has remained there ever since. Its last service was in December 2019, and has been driven less than 10 km since. Original owners manuals, including original warranty manual, and the car retains its original engine. 47,999 km. Please note this car does not have taxes paid in the EU. Lot 241. Sold at high bid of €62,000.

    208 GT4, S/N 11018 (1975). Red with black interior. Estimate €40,000 - €50,000. Only three previous owners in Belgium and Italy. Unrestored, original example with less than 74,500 km. 2.0 liter model designed for the Italian market. One of 840 built. Lot 219. Sold at high bid of €28,000.

    308 GTB, S/N 32551 (1980). Rosso with beige interior. Estimate €90,000 to €110,000. Single Italian ownership from new, this dry-sump 308 GTB was delivered to its owner in June of 1980. Exceptionally well preserved from new. Classiche certification received in December of 2017. Still with its original Italian registration, it remained with its original owner until 2017 and has remained unregistered since. In 2017, it was serviced and more recently has been serviced by Rossacorsa. The 308 has been ASI homologated and is accompanied by its ASI gold plate. Lot 265. Not sold at high bid of €78,000.

    308 GTB QV, VIN ZFFLA12S000056863 (1985). Rosso corsa with beige leather. Estimate €50,000 to €75,000. Not much is known about its history, this car appears largely original in many respects. The interior and engine bay both have the correct trimmings and fittings, with a charming level of patina on the interior. There is a fuel leak and will need to be serviced before being driven on a regular basis. 55,164 km. Please note this car does not have taxes paid in the EU, and is on a Temporary Import Bond in the UK. The buyer is responsible for any applicable duty, import fees, administrative fees, or any and all other required payments that are due upon the import of the lot to the EU, or to remove the car from Bond. Lot 136. Sold at high bid of €43,000.

    328 GTB, VIN ZFFWA19B000072225 (1987). Rosso corsa with nero interior and rosso carpet. Estimate €70,000 to €90,000. In very good condition throughout. According to the service book, it is believed to have been delivered new to Italy. The car appears to have spent the majority of its life in Italy; it received a service in October 2016 at 16,139 km. Subsequently, it was acquired by the consignor and exported to the U.K. The last recorded belt change was in July 2018 and an annual service was carried out in November 2019. 16,978 km. Lot 168. Sold at high bid of €69,000.

    348 TB, VIN ZFFKA35B000092742 (1992). Rosso corsa with nero leather. Estimate €60,000 to €80,000. Delivered to its first owner in Italy on January 28, 1992. 10,800 km. Its current owner acquired the car in Italy in 2016 and the original service book shows a full belt service carried out in March 2017. A further service was performed in January 2020. The work in January 2020 included repairs to the radio, and minor repairs to the lower front bumper, passenger side door mirror, passenger side door edge, and rear bumper covers, but did not include paintwork. It presents in condition commensurate with its low mileage. Lot 141. Sold at high bid of €48,000.  


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