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George M. Carrick Sept. 24, 1940 - Jan. 12, 2023

Jim Weed

Volume 48 Issue 24

Dec 24, 2023

George Carrick wrote the book about the 250 GT Spyder California, literally. His knowledge of the type, history and owners was a lifetime pursuit.

    Early this year at Cavallino I learned about the passing of George Carrick.

    George Carrick purchased his first Ferrari in 1971 in Switzerland from Rob de la Rive Box with a missing windshield.

    Living in Canada at that time would require Carrick to remain in Europe for one year before he could bring his prize home.

    No matter, he needed to get Scaglietti to manufacture another windshield anyway. It was this dedication to Ferrari and the Spyder California that ultimately inspired him to write the book.

    In the mid-seventies there was precious little information on early Ferrari cars. There was even less information about this model.

    Carrick began a lifetime quest to find all there was to know about the beautiful 250 GT Spyder California and compiled that information into a groundbreaking book full of details about engines, transmissions, and body features.

    As he tracked down owners and collected photographs his data grew until it became clear he needed to publish his findings for all to enjoy.

    The result in 1976 was The Spyder California, A Ferrari of Particular Distinction.

    While many books have been written about Ferrari automobiles this book was the first to delve deeply into the topic of one Ferrari model.

    Carrick’s gathering of California material and information never stopped.

    George would often call me and we could spend an hour discussing either some small detail or comparing notes of owners or how many were made with a particular feature.

    His knowledge and passion were always what came through the phone during our conversations.

    When S/N 2935 GT was discovered in France in 2014, that sparked more discussion as to how many SWB vehicles were made.

    Our records were compared, and we each agreed with the results. It was important for him to have his records up to date.

    A true historian to the end. A good friend to all, I miss those long, interesting phone calls. 


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