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Cathy Roush

Volume 45 Issue 24

Nov 22, 2020

Cathy goes to Atlanta Italian Car Day

     I got to go to a car show! The last car event I attended was the Cavallino Classic, way back in January; way back when things were the ‘old’ normal. Ten months ago.

    Atlanta Italian Car Day was held at Ferrari of Atlanta on Saturday, November 7. Usually held in a city park in a suburb of Atlanta, logistics had not worked out for two previous dates chosen by organizer John Montgomery. They say third time’s the charm.

    It was great to be out mingling, talking to the owners about their cars, getting those VINs. To be sure there were other Italian marques, but you know me … I’m there to see the Ferraris. There were at least 24 entered in the show and I found a few more in the parking lot.



    One owner suggested there be an award for the Ferrari with the most miles; oddly enough, he had 111,111 miles on his 512 TR – but he had competition for such an award. Another owner has 110,114 miles on his 328 GTS! Mr. 512 convinced me, and I had an extra copy of The Ferrari Companion Reader with me, so I presented the book to him as a prize.

    If there were an award for the ‘newest’ owner, it would have to be the subscriber who recently purchased an F430 Spider F1; so recent that the car hadn’t even appeared among our ads although the seller is one of our regulars. Before purchase the gentleman contacted me for history – and while we didn’t have anything on this car, he was able to get (and share) previous ownership information from the folks at Merlin Auto Group.

    Other more official winners: Will Campbell with a white Giulietta Spider in the Alfa Romeo class; Ivan Ruiz with his gold Maserati Bora; and Chuck Beam with his 250 GTE 2+2. The 275 GTB of Ron Green was Best of Show, as well as People’s Choice for ‘The Car I’d Like to Drive Home’. Kid’s Choice Award went to Phillip Lindsay, with a yellow 458 Spider.



    And the other best part of the show being at Ferrari of Atlanta? Guess what they had in their showroom. Okay, they had lots of Ferraris in their showroom (and a few Maseratis). But they have a Roma. I think the Roma is the most beautiful Ferrari to come out of Maranello in quite some time.

    Several gentlemen had gone out for test drives; why not see if one of the salesmen would take me? Mike Mcelroy was happy to oblige.

    Less than a mile from the store, in an empty parking lot, we switched places. It would take a few minutes to ‘teach’ me Roma technology. I didn’t bother with paddle shifting; Mike put her in Race mode and away we went.

    Ferrari’s website claims the Roma is intuitive and user-friendly. But my present vehicle is almost 15 years old. Mike told me a new owner is afforded time for orientation, and two hours with a professional driving instructor. Both will come in handy in case I win the lottery.

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