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Ferrari SUV: an opinion

Wallace Wyss

Volume 47 Issue 14

Jul 9, 2022

Wallace Wyss gives his view of the new Ferrari SUV.

    Ferrari is coming late to the SUV party. I thought that the other day when I saw a Lamborghini SUV.

    Lamborghini as a marque came along decades after Ferrari but has beat them to a new market niche time and time again, like with the mid-engined V-12 road car.

    And now with SUVs; Lamborghini introduced one four years ago. Ferrari is finally introducing theirs.

    The tentative name is “Purosangue”, for thoroughbred. (Somebody else had the name; they are trying to get it).

    Another reason to go SUV? The demographics. They want younger buyers, and younger buyers like SUVs.

    Rest assured it will have a V-12, at least in its first edition. Ferrari’s 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V-12, as seen in the 812 Superfast and GTS.

    The hybrid V-6 or 3.9-liter twin turbo V-8 (Roma and F8 Tributo engine) options will come later, maybe as emissions laws make the V-12 verboten in some countries.

    Like the old FF and GTC4 models, it might have Ferrari’s unique all-wheel-drive system. The top speed is right up there with other Ferrari V-12s; over 180 mph.

    The price is the hardest part to rationalize, said to be $350,000. With the rapidly changing market flocking to electrics or hybrids it could either be “the last of the ICE Ferraris” or the first Ferrari SUV with a V-12.

    Now, though the car is due out in September, there are hints it will be marketed as a limited edition.

    Why? Because Ferrari doesn’t want to be like Porsche where SUV sales are now 55% of all their sales.

    Ferrari wants to be known as a sports car company. To tone down demand there’s even talk they might start doing what they do with the SP cars, where you have to prove you are already a Ferrari owner to qualify to buy one.

    Though they say September is the month for release, you must wonder if they can resist unveiling at The Quail or Pebble Beach, where the demographics are ideal for their price range.


    THE AUTHOR/ARTIST Wallace Wyss is a radio co-host on a show about cars. Wearing his artist hat, he invites readers to drop in his tent at Concorso Italiano. A list of his Ferrari work is available by writing

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