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Volume 45 Issue 03

Feb 2, 2020


              The Scuderia Ferrari Cup,

        for the finest competition Ferrari,

        presented by Cavallino Magazine

                      1954 750 Mondial

                 S/N 0428 MD - Tom Peck


          The Gran Turismo Ferrari Cup,

               for the finest GT Ferrari,

         presented by Cavallino Magazine

              1951 340 America Ghia Coupe

        S/N 0148 A - Jack and Debbie Thomas


               La Coppa per Dodici Cilindri,

          for the finest 12-cylinder Ferrari,

                    presented by Hublot

             1959 410 Superamerica Series III

                    S/N 1285 SA - Jim Davis


                 La Coppa per Otto Cilindri,

            for the finest 8-cylinder Ferrari,

                      presented by Hublot

                         2008 F430 GTC

        S/N 2604 - Tom and Tommy Cabrerizo


                 La Coppa per Sei Cilindri,

            for the finest 6-cylinder Ferrari,

            presented by Classic Car Capital

                           1972 246 GT

            S/N 03326 - Leo and Lisa Schigiel


            The F50 Cup, for the finest F50

             presented by Cavallino Classic

          1995 F50, S/N 104267 - James Amine


                  The Preservation Cups,

        for Ferraris at least 30 years old and

        older best representing fine original

                     preserved condition,

           presented by Hagerty Insurance

                      Vintage Cup - early

    1974 246 GTS, S/N 08458 - Ronnie Steinman

      1986 328 GTS, S/N 66101 - Tim Stanford

                      Classic Cup – late

       1989 328 GTS, S/N 80262 - Robert Berg

      1989 328 GTS, S/N 81932 - Rocco Mangel


                 The 250 GTE 2+2 Cup,

              for the finest 250 GTE 2+2,

            presented by Cavallino Classic

           1963 250 GTE 2+2, S/N 4303 GT

                 Dennis and Susan Garrity


           The 250 GT SWB California Cup,

       for the finest 250 GT SWB California,

            presented by Cavallino Classic

          1962 250 GT SWB Spyder California

              S/N 3099 GT - Lee Herrington


                  The 328 GTB/GTS Cup,

               for the finest 328 GTB/GTS,

             presented by Cavallino Classic

       1989 328 GTB, S/N 78894 - Jeffrey Ajluni


     The Robert Tallgren Memorial Elegance

      Cup, for the finest coach-built Ferrari,

          presented by Cavallino Magazine

          1952 212 Inter Pininfarina Cabriolet

        S/N 0235 EU - Stephen and Kim Bruno


         The Gerald Roush Memorial Cup,

              for the Ferrari requiring the

               most research to restore,

    presented by the Ferrari Market Letter

            1955 250 Europa GT Berlinetta

           S/N 0393 GT - Richard Workman


          The Wayne Obry Memorial Cup,

         for the Ferrari best representing

         excellence in restoration quality,

           presented by Motion Products

             1964 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso

          S/N 5181 GT - Joe and Eileen Dash


         The Ferrari Classiche Cup, for the

          finest Classiche certified Ferrari,

        presented by Ferrari of Palm Beach

           1952 212 Inter Pininfarina Cabriolet

         S/N 0235 EU - Stephen and Kim Bruno


             The Ferrari Competition Cup,

          for the finest track/racing Ferrari,

               presented by WeatherTech

           1952 340 Mexico Vignale Berlinetta

                S/N 0226 AT - Les Wexner


    The Ferrari Supercar Cup, for the finest

          288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo or FXX,

          presented by The Ferretti Group

        1991 F40, S/N 87568 - David MacNeil


     The Ferrari Spirit Cup, for the owner

         representing the spirit of track

                     and concorso,

             presented by WeatherTech

                 1956 250 GT Boano

             S/N 0527 GT - Jack Thomas


            The Honorary Judges’ Cup,

           for the finest judged Ferrari

       selected by the Honorary Judges,

        presented by The Ferretti Group

        1959 410 Superamerica Series III

             S/N 1285 SA - Jim Davis


    The Chief Judge Emeritus Cup, for the

    finest judged Ferrari as chosen by the

     Chief Judge Emeritus, Ed Gilbertson

            presented by Ed Gilbertson

                         1992 F40

       S/N 92336 - Richard and Kate Pineda



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