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Book Review: Tom Hartley, The Dealmaker

Jim Weed

Volume 46 Issue 6

Mar 14, 2021

Book Review of the interesting life of Tom Hartley

    One of the fun benefits of running a publication is receiving books to review. Veloce Publishing Ltd. forwarded a new copy of Tom Hartley, The Dealmaker.


    We have heard of the name Tom Hartley in the context of exotic car sales. His name has been a mainstay in the Ferrari world and is associated with many other marques as well.


    While it is easy to think anyone in sales has it easy, and anyone in exotic car sales has it easier, it was interesting to find out about the real trials, tribulations, and hard work that went into the making of the man.





    This book is an autobiography and as such sometimes feels like it is a continuous pat on the back. Then again, Tom Hartley has a good reason to feel like he should crow about his accomplishments.


    Some people know exactly what, or who they want to become, and Hartley found his passion at a very early age. The description supplied by Veloce sums up the book nicely.


    “The inspirational story of Tom Hartley ‘The Dealmaker’. Tom’s candid autobiography tells of a boy who left school at 11, selling his first car at 12, and his extraordinary journey to become a supercar dealer and multi-millionaire. The story is transcribed by Ken Gibson, award winning ex-motoring editor of the Sun newspaper.”


    It continues with this synopsis.


    “Tom Hartley was born in 1961, the second child of Tom and Hellen Ann Hartley. Romany travelers who sold carpets across Scotland. Tom’s early life as a child was spent traveling with his parents in their caravan.


    The family moved into their first house in the late 1960s and set up a cash and carry carpet shop in Glasgow. Tom attended Hamilton Primary School, but left school when he was 11, unable to read or write, to start selling used cars, wheeling and dealing against established dealers as a schoolboy in the cut-throat world of the Glasgow car auctions.


    Tom had made his first million by the age of 17, but soon ran into trouble, his business went bust and he needed an operation to save his sight. He spent the next few years rebuilding his business with his wife, Priscilla, once again living in a caravan.


    By 1982 he was back in business, his first child was born, and the family moved into their first home in Derbyshire. Within a year he had bought 40 aces of land next to his home and started to create his business empire dealing in luxury, performance, and supercars. He hasn’t looked back since, having created a family business now valued at over £200 million.”


    Success is rarely overnight or swift. It is hard work and perseverance. The Hartley story is one of just that. While the book focuses on the business side, there are still plenty of family ties thrown in. The entire family is involved and working toward the common vision of the Hartley brand.





    Tom Hartley goes anytime, anywhere and any place to close a deal and many stories are contained in the book. Many of his clients and acquaintances are listed along with many photos of his extraordinary life.


    At 240 pages and 179 pictures this book chronicles the life and times of one of the most well-known salesmen in the business. Each chapter was an easy read and at $30.00 not outrageously expensive.


    Books can be ordered through Quarto Publishing Group USA. In North America at 800-328-0590 and ISBN 978-1-787115-67-5.


    Other locations may order directly from Veloce Publishing at


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