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Book Review: CH. POZZI - The History of the French Ferrari Importer and Race Team

Jim Weed

Volume 46 Issue 11

May 22, 2021

Little has been written about Charles Pozzi, the French Ferrari importer. This book gives a comprehensive history of the man and how Pozzi fits in Ferrari history.

    When I think of the main Ferrari importers around the world, names come easy like Chinetti, Maranello Concessionaires, and Jacques Swatters. There is one other that comes to mind, Charles Pozzi.


    How many times have you seen that yellow decal affixed to the rear glass? CH. POZZI lets you know right away this one came from France.



    But who was Mr. Pozzi? Arnaud Meunier has authored a complete history of this little-known company and where it fits in Ferrari history.


    The author begins by fleshing out the man, Carlos Alberto ‘Charles’ Pozzi.


    Born in 1909 he became an automobile salesman in 1930 at one of the premier dealerships in Paris. Shortly thereafter he opened his own garage and became a Ford dealer in 1934.


    Soon he was offering luxury used cars, such as Delage, Delahaye, Talbot, Hotchkiss, and Voisin. After the war he was able to locate and sell many of those same automobiles that had been hidden away from the German army.


    Additionally, he began racing in 1946 at the age of 37 competing against some of Ferrari’s early creations. While Pozzi was not an authorized dealer he did sell many used Ferraris to his customers.


    Charles Pozzi became the official importer for France in 1969.


    The book details many aspects of the Pozzi organization with interviews of many key personnel.


    Daniel Marin oversaw setting up the dealer network in France helping to expand Ferrari’s presence with both sales and service centers around the country.


    Jess Pourret was a salesman, and he details his transition to the Pozzi organization.


    One of the best parts of the book are the interviews with sales managers and mechanics involved in the day-to-day operations.


    Racing had been a big part of Charles Pozzi’s life and competing with a Ferrari was a natural direction.


    Beginning with the new 365 GTB/4, Pozzi built a racing team that competed at Le Mans, Spa and many other endurance races, including Daytona.


    The book is filled with driver interviews and others directly involved with the racing activities. There are sections dedicated to each type of racing Ferrari used by date. Each era has its own section. The 365 GTB/4, 512 BB/LM, 308 GTB rally cars and the F40 each have their own chapter.


    Every chapter covers one aspect of the Pozzi organization, whether it is sales, location, racetracks competed, or individual Ferraris raced.



    This book provides a great view into one of Ferrari’s well known, but also not so well known, Ferrari organization in France.


    Many books on Ferrari often are a rehash of previously known history. Rarely does a Ferrari book provide any real new information. This book delivers. Arnaud Meunier has provided an insight into a Ferrari organization we may have heard of but didn’t really know.


    Available from Eau Rouge Publishing Purchase directly from the website for £90.00.


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