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Volume 44 Issue 14

Jul 6, 2019

The market has been pretty quiet and the auction scene has not brought real high-quality Ferraris to market. The Artcurial Paris Auction historically brings out decent “B” quality Ferraris and, in my opinion, helps to determine the state or direction of the market.

    The market has been pretty quiet and the auction scene has not brought real high-quality Ferraris to market. The Artcurial Paris Auction historically brings out decent “B” quality Ferraris and, in my opinion, helps to determine the state or direction of the market.

    This year of the six Ferraris offered only two sold. The 275 GTB sold for an appropriate $2.1 million and the Testarossa sold within the estimate range.

    When I look at no sales, I assume if bidding made it to the low estimate a deal could be made. In looking at the estimate range it would be safe to say the car was not nearly as nice as the range indicated or buyers were not willing to purchase at that price level.

    Either of those situations indicate a continued softening of the market.

    Monterey will be upon us soon and we will see if the multiple auction houses can bring quality Ferraris and buyers together.


    250 GT PF COUPE, S/N 1409 GT (1959). Metallic gray with beige leather. Estimate 430,000€ to 480,000€.  Delivered new in July 1959 to Franco Britannic Autos. Sold to first owner, Mr. Da Silva, residing in Italy. It was originally Grigio Argento with black roof and black leather upholstery. The next year it was exported to the United States by Luigi Chinetti Motors who sold it to Vincent Scavo, a Connecticut motorist. In 1984, it was found in Massachusetts. In July 1990, the car was exported to Switzerland, the first return to Europe since its departure across the Atlantic. Meanwhile, the original engine had been replaced by a motor corresponding to the original type (as specified by Ferrari Classiche certification accompanying the car) engine Type 128D # 1363 GT. In 2002, the car entered the collection of Jean-Pierre Slavic, who then sells it to its current owner, based in Modena. Since then, the coupe has been repainted its original metallic gray color and is presented in a superb condition. The beige leather interior is very well made and, as underlined by the Ferrari Classiche certification, the body is original, as are the mechanical components (transmission, disc brakes, suspension ...) other than the engine. Documented by Marcel Massini. Lot 70. Not sold.

    275 GTB, S/N 7555 (1965). Argento with black leather with cloth inserts. Estimate 1.9 million euros to 2.3 million euros. This 275 GTB left the factory in July 1965. It was delivered to Franco-Britannic and sold on August 16, 1965 to his first owner. The second owner was artist and car stylist Paul Bouvot. Bouvot retains the 275 for a year before reselling it on April 2, 1969 to Jean Plisson who will keep it until 1972. The fourth owner is Raymond Goiffon. After being acquired by François Lacarelle, six carburetors are mounted in place of the three original carburetors, which will be retained. From September 1987 to September 1992, it is kept by Pascal Motte. In 1992, it is acquired by Jean Becquet. In 2003 and in the hands of the Belgian collector Jan Biekens, a restoration commenced in Bologna before returning to France in 2008. Jean-Pierre Slavic acquired the 275 in 2013 and sent it directly to the Autofficina Carlo Bonini for a total restoration, without cost limit. Everything was redone with complete disassembly. This sublime copy is presented today in its original livery, completely restored, certified by Ferrari Classiche, with a complete file of invoices (including copies), vintage photographs, of his FIA passport with which it ran in the 1990s. Lot 37.  Sold for $2,175,046.

    400i 5-SPEED, S/N 28835 (1979). Argento with red leather. Estimate 60,000€ to 80,000€. Sold new in Germany on July 7, 1980. It then changed hands in 1994 before being bought the following year by the current owner. Currently displaying less than 87,000 km, this 400i still sports its original colors; the paint was redone in the 1980s and the leather interior is original and patina. In 2011, the car benefited from a major overhaul with replacement of front shock absorbers, ball joints and silentblocs. The engine was removed, the timing chain and all seals replaced. Water pump and clutch were changed, ignition and radiator redone. In 2012, the braking system was rehabilitated, rear shocks and Michelin tires replaced. Accompanied by tool kit and driver’s manual. Lot 6.  Not sold.

    TESTAROSSA, VIN ZFFSA17S000078992 (1988). Red with red leather. Estimate 70,000€ to 90,000€. Sold new by Autodino of Zurich on November 15, 1988 to Mr. Urs Schweizer. In 1993, it was acquired by its second owner, still in Switzerland. The previous owner acquired it in 2014, when it had only 28,000 km. The mechanics function optimally; the latest revision with belt changes was completed in December 2016. Today it has 45,000 km. Its dark red leather interior is superb, as well as the general internal state. It will be delivered with its original notebooks and other manuals as well as an original cover. Always maintained and only three previous owners. Lot 33. Sold for $95,338.

    DINO 246 GTS, S/N 03792 (1972). Red with black interior. Estimate 280,000€ to 320,000€. The interest of this car is the state of almost unique origin. Owned by the same family from 1972 to 2016 and driven 13,600 miles since it left the factory. After ordering this Dino 246 GTS from Hollywood Sports Cars in Los Angeles, John A. Kenny came to take delivery in 1972 with his son and, together, they traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where Mr. Kenny practiced as a dermatologist. According to his brother, he cared for the car and used it only on rare occasions. He stopped driving in 1984 and, in the late 1990s, with his declining health, he entrusted his Dino to his brother James, who resided in California. It was then stored in a garage, while being regularly maintained by Bobileff Motor Co. It has won several awards, including the Ferrari Club of America’s National Preservation Award in 2016, as well as a Platinum Award at the 2016 Ferrari National Meet. It was inspected by Marcel Massini who confirmed its specifications and information regarding its new delivery; and Mathias Barth recognized the car as “correct and with matching numbers”, and all its original mechanical components. This Dino 246 GTS is sold with all its documentation and rare accessories: catalog of Hollywood Sports Cars, user manuals, protective cover for the front part of bodywork, plastic protection located behind the console, tool kit, jack. It is extremely rare to find a car in such a state of preservation of origin, with all its accessories and documents. The patina is exceptional, with paint peeling by the sun and the weather. The interior has remained almost intact. Lot 36. Not sold.

    308 GTB QV, VIN ZFFLA12B000053649  (1984). Red with tan leather interior. Estimate 65,000€ to 85,000€. Presented in exceptional condition. Sold new by the Bordeaux dealer and having only four owners of the region. It still sports its original paint, with a body without any trace of corrosion. The beige leather interior is also original and well preserved. The current owner gave it a complete overhaul in 2017 at Ferrari, including the change of the distribution and the water pump. The ignition was revised the same year and the air conditioning reconditioned, while the silentblocs of racks and stabilizer bar bearings replaced. The car now has less than 72,000 km. Rare, in good original condition, and with up-to-date maintenance, this 308 is a choice copy. Lot 68.  Not sold.


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