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Artcurial - The W Collection May 9, 2024

Volume 49 Issue 11

Jun 8, 2024

Artcurial The W Collection offered several restored examples. Pricing seemed to be off on several models. Is this a sign of market change?

    250 GT LWB SPYDER CALIFORNIA, S/N 1057 (1958). Canna di Fucile with beige Connolly leather. Estimate €7 million to €10 million. No reserve. In December 1958 to Luigi Chinetti’s showroom.  Soon sold to New York owner, Robert Gumper, who kept it for a decade. Then in 1970 to second owner in California. From 1974, the car was laid up, before being bought by an Australian who kept it until 1988. It was then exported to Germany. In 2003, was sold to a French collector. Staffan Wittmark bought it in 2011. Wittmark decided to have a complete, bare-metal restoration carried out. Toni Auto, Brandoli, Carrozzeria Cremonini, and Luppi Tappezzeria carried out the restoration. The engine original number had been removed, suggesting the engine had been replaced. A new block was cast by Ferrari Classiche. Certified by Classiche. Historical documents, illustrated book showing in detail its history and restoration. Lot 34. Sold for €5.2 million.



    250 GT SWB BERLINETTA, S/N 3169 GT (1962). Blue with red leather. Estimate €8.5 million to €12 million. No reserve. Ordered on 27 October 1961 by Luigi Chinetti for Norman Blank. Blank requested special color Blu Tigullio complemented by red Connolly leather. Shown on Pininfarina’s stand at the New York International Auto Show from 21-29 April 1962. Blank did not take delivery and the car was sold to another customer in Florida. He kept the car until 1979. When he sold it to Walter Hawkins Jr, the odometer was reading 100,000 miles. Hawkins sold it to Harold Javetz from Savannah, Georgia. Sold in 1987 to Ron Spangler, Prancing Horse Farm, in Maryland, showing 30,000 miles. In 1990, sold to Peter Heuberger, in Switzerland. Heuberger took part in various events including the Grand Prix de Montreux, Tour de France Automobile and the 50 Anni Ferrari, held at Maranello in 1997. In 1998/1999, he sold the car to Carlo Vögele, who kept it only a short time before selling it to Engelbert Stieger, who in turn sold it in March 2000 to Klaus Troche, In 2019, he was involved in an accident due to a heart attack. Franck Troche inherited the Ferrari, which was damaged at the front. Completely restored in its original colors and Classiche certified. At the Cavallino Classic Concours d’Elegance at Modena in May 2023, it was awarded the prize for the best restoration. Lot 21. Sold for €5.5 million.



    250 GT/L, S/N 5191 (1963). Grigio Fumo with beige leather. Estimate €1.4 million to €1.8 million. No reserve. It left the factory in 1963 and sold in Italy by Crepaldi, to first owner, Alfredo Honegger, from Bergamo. He drove it for two years before selling it to a Portuguese aristocrat. He kept the car for 16 years before it was sold in 1981 to Alfonso Malvessi, from Milan. In 1982, it was bought by Dr Hans Bernbach in Switzerland. A change of ownership was recorded in 2005. He is believed to have kept it until May 2011, when it was offered for sale at auction at the Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este. Sold to a Swiss collector, who then sent it to be restored. There it was noticed by Staffan Wittmark, who bought it in its unfinished state. Carrozzeria Cremonini and Luppi Tappezzeri completed, the car, and Toni Auto carried out final checks. Classiche certified. A CD and book of large-format photographs relating its history and restoration, and tool kit. Lot 29. Sold for €1.5 million. 



    275 GTS, S/N 6807 (1965). Gray with red Connolly leather. Estimate €1.5 million to €1.8 million.  No reserve. Supplied to Luigi Chinetti, finished in yellow with black leather upholstery and equipped with a hardtop. Between 1965 and 1989 it had several American owners. In 1989, it was bought by Alexander S. Andreadis, a resident of London. He used it for 25 years before selling it in 2013 to Daniel Donovan, of DD Classics. In November 2013, Staffan Wittmark purchased the car. It was then sent to Toni Auto in Maranello for a full restoration. Brandoli, Cremonini and Interno Auto Maieli completed the restoration. History file, Classiche certification and a book specially produced to describe its history and restoration. Lot 19. Sold for €1,6 million.



    275 GTB, S/N 8389 (1966). Red with beige Connolly leather. Estimate €1.9 million to €2.5 million. No reserve. Destined for the North American market and ordered through Rezzaghi Motors in San Francisco, originally finished in Grigio Argento with blue Connolly leather. Mr Schnabel, its first owner, travelled to Maranello on 16 April 1966 to take delivery of the car, before having it shipped to California. After he died in 1971, his son inherited the car and used it for five years before selling it in 1976 to S. Drummey in Los Angeles. In January 1982, it was bought by Glen Nesbit, who sold it in March 1985 to Harlow Barnett, from Grapevine, Texas. Barnett kept the Ferrari for 14 years. In the late 1990s, it was sent to Bob Smith Coachworks. In 1999, when finished, it was sold to William Locke, from Florida. Displayed  at Amelia Island Concours in 2001 and 2003. In 2010, it was bought by its current owner and was exported to Europe. In 2016, the car was refurbished by Toni Auto and Interni Auto Maieli. Comprehensive file recording its history and the work carried out, as well as Classiche certificate. Lot 18. Sold for €2,1 million.



    330 GTC, S/N 10585 (1967). Blu Notte with red Connolly leather. Estimate €600,000 to €800,000. No reserve. Sold new in November 19 67 to Modern Classic Motor in Reno, finished in ‘Rosso Cina’ with black leather. The original owners are unknown, but from 1983-1985, the Ferrari belonged to Robert and Cynthia Carlin, in California, where it would remain until 2013. In 1985, it was bought by William Inglis from Woodland Hills. He kept it for nearly 20 years and showed it at the Concorso Italiano in Monterey in 2001. In 2004, Inglis sold the car to Steven M. Foster, who drove it until 2013, when it was bought by Staffan Wittmark. He decided to send it to Italy, to Toni Auto in Maranello, for a full restoration. The color chosen was a deep metallic blue. It was retrimmed with Connolly Vaumol leather with dark blue carpets. Classiche certified, complete history file, a book with photographs, its history and restoration. Lot 33. Sold for €548,320.



    330 GTS, S/N 10781 (1967). Blu Notte with beige Connolly leather. Estimate €1.8 million to €2.2 million. No reserve. This car left the factory in 1967 finished in red with black leather interior. Delivered new to its first owner, George Zenzefilis, in California, who kept it for five years before selling it in 1972 to Robert Sengleman, in California. Sengleman used it for 18 years and then consigned it to the Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona in January 1990. Between 1990 and 1995, it was registered in New York and belonged to Australian golf legend Greg Norman. From 1995, it was owned by a Californian, and then our client acquired the car in 2014. He sent it to Italy for complete restoration. Toni Auto, RBBC workshop, Carrozzeria Cremonini and Interni Auto Maieli completed the restoration. Owner’s manual in document wallet and a substantial history file, Classiche certification and a book to present the car’s history and photographs of the different stages in its restoration.  Lot 32. Sold for €2 million.



    456 GTA, VIN ZFFWP50B000108646 (1997). Blu Swaters with beige leather. Estimate €45,000 to €65,000. No reserve. Sold new in October 1997 by the Garage Foitek in Zurich. Serviced by them for several years, before it changed countries and moved to Holland in 2016. It was then taken to Germany in 2021, and then to Sweden, where it was bought by Staffan Wittmark in 2022. Serviced on 15 November 2023, in Stockholm with 45,015 km. Tool kit, documents, manuals and original service book in leather wallet, and service bills. Lot 30.  Sold for €77,480.



    575M MARANELLO F1, VIN ZFFBT55B000130954 (2003). Rosso corsa with black leather. Estimate €80,000 to €120,000. No reserve. Sold new in May 2003 through Tamsen GmbH in Stuhr, in Germany. Maintained by Ferrari Stuttgart until 2007, when it was exported to Sweden. Stamps in its service book show regular services as its mileage increased very gradually. The last was carried out on 1 November 2023 at 35,626 km, after which the car was delivered to Staffan Wittmark. The front of the car has been resprayed as it is completely free from any stone chips. Document wallet containing service book and manuals, file of invoices, fitted Ferrari car cover, tool kit and puncture repair kit stored in the boot. Lot 31. Sold for €114,432.



    F12berlinetta, VIN ZFFUH74B000203243 (2014). Grigio Silverstone with beige leather. Estimate €160,000 to €220,000. No reserve. 2,629 km from new. After buying it new from Autoropa, Staffan Wittmark sold the car in 2016 to a friend, but, regretting his decision, bought it back in exchange for his 550 Maranello. The last service was in November 2022 in Stockholm. Yellow brake calipers, beige seat belts, Daytona seats, shields, chrome radiator grille slats, yellow rev counter, front and rear cameras, sports side skirts, cruise control, passenger screen, fully electric seats, hi-fi system, leather trimmed windscreen pillars, dashboard and boot, electric auto-dimming rear-view mirror, diamond-quilted padding for the headlining and boot, leather steering wheel and 20-inch forged wheels. Books and manuals, original fitted cover. Lot 20. Sold for €268,200.



    246 GTS, S/N 03706 (1972). Grigio Fumo with beige leather. Estimate €500,000 to €700,000. No reserve. Its original color was Rosso Dino with black leatherette. It was sold new in France through importer Charles Pozzi to a Mr Chazal. On 6 April 1981, the second registration is known, and on 8 July 1988, its registration changed again. In July 2013, the car was taken off the road before being sold on 23 June 2014 to Silvano Toni. Toni then began a complete restoration by his own business, Toni Auto. The bodyshell went to RBBC, the body to Carrozzeria Cremonini for paint. In the meantime, it had been bought by Staffan Wittmark, who took delivery of the car on 27 September 2017. Certified by Classiche. A large-format book illustrated with high-quality photographs was produced to present the history and restoration. Lot 17. Sold for €679,440.



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