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Archives Registration Update

Jim Weed

Volume 49 Issue 10

May 25, 2024

Archives Registration forms keep coming in. Recording history one Ferrari at a time. Thank you!

    I want to thank those subscribers who sent in an Archives Registration form so we can continue to record the history and provenance of their Ferrari.

    I received several from Johnny Fleeman detailing every Ferrari he currently owns and ones he has previously owned.

    Ed Dworak gave us one for his 308 GTSi. It contained info that we did not already have recorded.

    Then another email arrived from Larry Gerber with the form and several photos. He took photos of the data tags and original window sticker. Since his car was a 2023 F8 Spider we had nothing in the file except we knew his VIN was a Spider. We now know who owns it, where it came from and best of all he sent a picture of the specification plate!

    Thanks to all who contributed, keep them coming!

    send to:

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