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Archives Registration - Yes, we would like your data

Jim Weed

Volume 48 Issue 24

Dec 24, 2023

Do we have your Ferrari information listed in our database? Send us your photos and ownership history. We will use it to fill out the history of your Ferrari.

    It’s been a while, but I thought as an end-of year appeal to ask for more information about your cars or collection would be in order.

    The Ferrari Market Letter has been collecting data on individual Ferraris for more than fifty years.

    It all started with notebook paper and 5x7 cards. Typed on an actual typewriter (remember those?).

    Each sighting or advertisement was dutifully recorded and filed.

    Once the computer became affordable the cards were re-typed into a database. Many years later those cards were sent to recycling as we felt the info had all been accurately transcribed into the computer system.

    Since the early days of collecting data on a relatively small number of cars we have expanded the information collected.

    Ferrari has continued to build more cars and each year there seems to be even more to record. Serial numbers are now in the 300000+ range.

    One of the tenets (obsession?) of collecting data is where do you stop? I remember when 308s were being built and folks said there are too many to record. But we did.

    Today that data has become useful; thank goodness we recorded those 308s and Testarossas.

    The same could be said for F430 or 488s, but we do.

    The obsession of collecting data makes it difficult NOT to record everything.

    The internet has expanded the available information.

    We now create photo files in which we store scans of photos and documents.

    Placing these into a folder by serial number creates a complete visual history without filling the limited file cabinet space with paper.

    Inserted with this issue is an Archives Registration form for you to fill out and submit for our records.

    Please e-mail your form along with any invoices, photos, or other information you would like to keep safe. A future owner will thank you.

     Send your scans to:



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