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A crazy 2023 Paris car week!

Olivier Bidaud

Volume 48 Issue 5

Mar 5, 2023

Olivier Bidaud goes to Retromobile. Ferraris, Ferraris, and more Ferraris. It looks like Retromobile has returned in grand fashion.

    After several years of cancelled (2021) or postponed and reduced (2022) editions, 2023 was a test edition for the Retromobile event and the auctioneers’ houses that usually organize huge sales in Paris during Retromobile week.

    The 2023 Retromobile edition was undoubtedly a success for the public and organizers. This 47th edition scored as the second-best ever edition in terms of affluence, with 125,000 spectators over the five days.

    More than 1,000 vehicles were displayed by five hundred plus exhibitors on a 73,000 m2 space.

    But above all it will stay in memories for the quality and quantity of exceptional cars it was possible to admire.

    As an example, more than fifty original cars from the 24 Heures du Mans were displayed all over the Salon, this year honouring the Centenary of the most famous race in the world.

    Classic cars dealers were also part of the success, bringing amazing cars as if they were competing for the best stand ever!

    The level was exceptional on the Ferrari side, with Girardo & Co. displaying thirteen cars on 100% Ferrari stand, including a 512 S, a 512 BB/LM, a 250 Tour de France, a 400 Superamerica SWB, and a completely original 250 GT LWB Spyder California.



    Competing with Girardo, Richard Mille with eight Ferrari including another 512 M (S/N 1044), three Ferrari Formula 1, a 500 F2, a 275 GTB/C and the second 250 GTO built (S/N 3387 GT).

    On the non-100% Ferrari stands, Kidston showed three Ferraris of major interest, a RHD 500 Superfast, a 250 GT SWB Berlinetta and another 250 LWB California Spyder (S/N 1639 GT).

    Axel Schuette showed another 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, and a 250 California SWB, and Lukas Huni had a 857 S, a 250 Tour de France and the first 365 GTS (S/N 11227).

    Let’s notice also two very early Ferraris, S/N 0051 S on Fiskens stand, and 195 Inter, S/N 0129 S, displayed by Ruote Da Sogno S.r.l.

    A fourth 250 California SWB, S/N 4121 GT, a second 512 BB/LM (Sport & Collection stand), a second 400 Superamerica Coupé at MMC stand, a rare 250 Drogo Coupé and two 275 GTB.



    You’ll agree that this 2023 edition was heaven for the Ferrari enthusiast.

    Retromobile hosted the Artcurial auction, one of the three auctions of the week. The masterpiece of the sale, 250 LM S/N 5901 failed to sell despite very high bids (€20 M), but the very interesting 340 America, S/N 0120 A, ex-Bart Rosman collection, was sold at €5,706,000 including premium.

    Second best result went to an F40 at €2,216,800 (the best score of the three F40s that were auctioned in each sale), above the fantastic 250 GT Lusso, S/N 5875 GT (€1,702,000).

    The Bianco Avus F12tdf failed to sell despite a high bid over a million Euro. 

    Below the million Euro mark, a plexi Daytona reached €638,000 and a silver 365 GTC €625,800.

    Of the twenty-three Ferraris offered for sale, eighteen were sold at the Artcurial auction (78.3%), the ‘worst’ result of the three sales for Ferraris.

    Two days before the Artcurial auction, RM Sotheby’s auctioned fourteen cars in a new Paris location, the Carrousel du Louvre.

    They sold thirteen of the fourteen (92.8%) realizing the best rate of the week, and hammered five cars over the million Euro threshold.

    Highest bids went to a black French Enzo (S/N 128786) that reached €4,055,000, then a 643 Formula 1 (S/N 127) at €3,661,250 and a gray 275 GTB/4 at €3,098,750.

    The RM Sotheby’s F40 sold at €1,917,500 and the Pino Verde 250 GT Lusso (S/N 4735 GT) at €1,535,000.

    A manual Superamerica reached an amazing €736,250, and a manual 599 GTB Fiorano a very high €623,750, confirming market interest for these rare gated versions of modern Ferraris.

    The eighth Ferrari hammered above €500,000 at RM Sotheby’s auction was a very early yellow F12tdf, that ‘only’ reached €785,000.

    This car was one of the three cars that were present at the official presentation of the model during the Ferrari Finali Mondiali at Mugello in November 2015.

    On Thursday, Bonhams auctioned eleven Ferraris, nine of them being sold (81.8%).

    Highest bid went to an F40 (€2,185,000), the only Ferrari of the sale sold above the million Euro.

    A plexi Daytona sold for €793,500 and a red 250 GTE at €322,000. An interesting Argento Auteuil 365 GTC/4 with French history sold for €230,000, and the spectacular 512 BB Koenig with full red interior sold at €207,000.

    Interestingly enough, the two 308 GTB Group IV auctioned were among the few cars that failed to sell (Facetti at RM Sotheby’s and Foitek at Artcurial), probably due to too optimistic estimates and reserve prices.

    In conclusion, solid prices and pretty good results for the three auction houses, with a special mention for the excellent results of the RM Sotheby’s sale!


Additional photos from Retromobile!





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