Frequently Asked Questions


I can't log on? -AND/OR- I keep getting error messages every time I attempt to log on?
If you experience login problems wherein your computer is displaying this error code:

"NO ACCESS You have attempted to access an area of the site that is restricted to members only!"

This usually takes place on a second (or third, etc.) login attempt immediately after there is a real error in entering your login and/or password. That said, when you go in and enter the CORRECT login and password, you'll continue get the same error message! We'll, yes and no. if your machine continues to give you these error codes, IGNORE THEM if you see "Welcome (your first name), Subscription valid until (date)". You can find this welcome message in light grey towards the upper left hand corner area of the web page. This welcome message confirms you are in the website no matter what else is displayed as far as error codes. So from there simply hit "HOME" on the far right side of the screen near the bottom. This should basically reset everything and get you online without further issue.

Also, don't use links to get to our site, simply type in in the URL space at the top of the webpage. Then, type in your personal login and password.

When all else fails the best solution is to clear your browser history
(under tools you'll see delete browsing history when using Internet Explorer).
From there you should delete "Temporary Internet Files", "Cookies" and "History".
This will clean-up your system so to speak and allow you to start from a clean slate.

No luck still??? Give us an email as we try and answer these type of emails seven days a week.

I just submitted my ad yesterday for a Ferrari that I'm selling, why is it not up on the website yet?
The website is updated 26 times a year, just like the print edition. When you submit an ad, it will appear in the next issue for which you have met the deadline. In other words, the website does not update automatically, it is simply the print edition converted so it can be viewed online.

I'm a print subscriber; will my classified ad be posted on the website for the online subscribers?
All of the classified ads submitted by the deadline will appear in BOTH online and in print automatically AND at NO extra charge, no matter which form of subscription you have.

I want more exposure than just the classified ad for the Ferrari I'm selling, can you help me? -AND/OR- I'm a subscriber, how much does it cost to place a small classified ad?
There are THREE kinds of advertising you may submit to the Ferrari Market Letter, one being the "FREE CLASSIFIED" ad that ALL subscribers are allowed to submit, A "PAID CLASSIFIED" for non-subscribers, and a "DISPLAY" ad where anyone is eligible to purchase ad space in our publication.

I want to purchase ad space to sell my automotive art or non-Ferrari, can I do this? -AND/OR- I want to advertise my Ferrari in your publication, but do not want to list an asking price or serial number, how can I do this?
You may purchase ad space (a display ad) in addition to your free classified ad. You may put anything you wish in the space you have purchased. We advertise artwork, Maseratis, etc. Serial numbers and asking prices are NOT required if you purchase this space.

I want to place a display ad for Ferraris that I'm selling but I don't have a graphic artist to help me design the ad. What do I do? Aren't graphic design fees expensive?
We have a full time graphic designer on staff that can help you with any display ads you may want to submit. This service is free if you want a simple display ad built for publication. However, if your ad is complex and time consuming, please be advised that there may be a small hourly charge for graphic services. Most display ads can be built in a couple of hours and our fees are well less than half the industry standard.

My art person needs to know what format to send our display ads in to you? -AND/OR- I put an ad together in Microsoft Word can I send that?
When submitting display ads, please send your art file in its native application? This means if you built the ad in Adobe Illustrator, then send it to us in Adobe Illustrator. Also remember to attach all supporting files (placed photos, etc.). Remember high resolution is better than low resolution as small files do NOT reproduce nicely in print. We do accept PDF files for insertion as well. Do not send your finished ad in an application like Microsoft Word as that is NOT a suitable format for professional publishing. We can, however take that ad in Microsoft Word and convert it to an acceptable format for a small fee as we will have to rebuild your ad. Please e-mail Jim at with any technical questions.

Do you allow a photo of my car to accompany my classified ad?
Online ads allow for photos (the print edition does not), so if you have an image of your car, e-mail it with your ad. If you have additional photos stored on a server, give us the URL and we will also link those images to your online ad as a courtesy. Remember that a higher resolution is better than a lower resolution.

I was looking at the Asking Price Index, is that
really what my cars worth?
The Asking Price Index is NOT what your car is worth nor is it what cars are actually selling for, but simply a guide for Ferrari enthusiasts helping them chart and follow the trends in the market. Our Asking Price Index is formulated from many sources (including the FML). We have a formula, we put in the numbers, and it calculates the asking price.

I've heard your general explanation, so how is your Asking Price Index really calculated? Is it a simple process or a detailed collection?
The Asking Price Index figures are not a simple arithmetic average of the cars being advertised in that issue of the FML, a misconception which leads to regular criticism because a subscriber can't duplicate the results. We use published prices gathered from many sources, there is a time factor involved, and unrepresentative examples are not considered (Steve McQueen's Lusso or a wrecked and striped heap of a once proud car are not used). Several years ago an astute subscriber accurately described it as a lagging average over many issues that allow you to show trends, minimize issue-to-issue noise, and give an indication of the market even when no vehicles are listed. This is just simply a guide for Ferrari enthusiasts to help chart and follow the trends in the market.

I'm selling my Ferrari and about to list it in your publication, what's it worth?
Please do not ask us what your car is worth. We do not offer this service. Hire an appraiser. But ultimately, THE VALUE IS SIMPLY WHAT SOMEONE IS WILLING TO PAY.

Will my classified ad run until my car sells?
Your free classified ad will appear in six (6) consecutive issues, which is approximately twelve (12) weeks. After the sixth insertion you need to renew your ad by contacting us before the ad is automatically deleted from the system.

What if I have some customer services issues?
You may contact the Ferrari Market Letter (770-381-1993), e-mail ( 24 hours a day. We answer the phone Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., please leave a message and we will get back to you.

I'm a print subscriber and I can't get online,
what's my login and password?
The website is not free to print subscribers. Print and online are separate subscriptions, but we do offer a discount if you would prefer to receive both; it is called a COMBO subscription. See more on this later in the F.A.Q.

I want to buy a particular Ferrari and know the serial number; I heard you can provide me the history?
We have an EXTENSIVE data base with history on many (if not most) Ferrari serial numbers from 1947 through the current models. We share this with our subscribers as a courtesy. Please understand our foremost responsibility is to get our publication to our subscribers. That said, when time allows we will supply our history on any particular Ferrari serial number via email. Please send your requests (with serial number and current vehicle information) to Also, since this service is free, we simply ask that you help us by providing current information (IN ADVANCE) about the car and any interesting facts that may be added to our database (like colors, condition, mileage, location, current owner, history, etc.). Simply put, you help us; we'll gladly help you? If you can't offer us any current information, we may not offer you any previous information.

Why is there no history in the database on a particular Ferrari?
Call this, No news is good news. I can't say why for sure, but some Ferraris fly below the radar for many reasons; one owner cars don't change hands very often (duh), maybe it sits in a garage and is never at any events, possibly never wrecked or stolen, maybe it spent most of its life out of the U.S.  The answers go on and on.  Maybe the FML subscribers who have owned it have not called in and shared any info with us on the vehicle (HINT!)

How much does it cost to buy ad space in the FML?
We do have very reasonable rates for paid advertising space in our publication. Please inquire with Cathy or Jim, Mondays through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, call 770-381-1993 or email

I'm curious about the online edition, but don't want to pay for the service as I may not prefer it to my traditional print subscription?
Print subscribers rejoice!  If you want to check out our publication online for FREE, please go to and select SNEAK PEEK. This will allow you to view a previous issue (usually a few months old).

I was online and saw a photo of a beautiful Ferrari but there is no information about it nor a contact number?
When online, the first image seen when looking at a particular model Ferrari is simply a representational image of that Ferrari and is NOT for sale. (This is the large image centered on the web page.) We have that image there for those who are not Ferrari savvy so they can see a typical photo of that specific model. You will notice that the available Ferraris for actual sale are pictured as smaller images and always on the left side of the text.

I just renewed my online FML subscription but
the site says my account has expired and/or my login and password do not work, why?
When a customer who has an expired subscription INCORRECTLY renews this problem occurs. The expired subscriber inadvertently buys a NEW subscription versus RENEWING. The correct procedure for RENEWING is simple; log on with your login and password and get the "You are Expired message", click HERE to renew, select the subscription of your choice, click CHECKOUT, place your personal info in the form, click SUBMIT DATA, then enter payment info and click SUBMIT DATA again. Following this correctly will SEAMLESSLY renew your subscription, NO new login info is needed as you will use your old login and password as you did previously. When you actually log in, the only change you will see is your expiration date has been updated.
Remember, use LOG ON to your expired account and follow the procedure. If you do not know your login info there is a "FORGOT PASSWORD" link to recover that information.

When all else fails, call us and we can take care of your renewal for you so you don't end up with two accounts (which confuses the system) and therefore you can not log on to either one.

Your Spam blocker blocked me, why?
Because of the amount of junk e-mails in circulation we use a spam blocker. If you are not yet on our approved list you will receive an e-mail that explains the simple process to be approved, please comply.  We do, however check ALL e-mail that was spam blocked to see if it is legitimate. This does not make you an approved emailer, just realize we check ALL emails received.

I don't receive the various notifications from the FML, why?
To ensure OUR emails get to YOU, please add these two e-mail addresses to your system:

I want my ad to have the bolding and asterisk again like it did the first time I ran it, how can I do this?
You will notice that all NEW ads are in bold and asterisked. To be eligible for this on a previously listed ad, that ad must be UNLISTED in our publication for a period of six months consecutively.  Only then will we re-run your ad in bold with an asterisk. Basically, pulling your ad out for an issue or two and re-introducing it for the next issue will NOT constitute a new ad.

This is just a little FYI about your classified ads...
PLEASE, please try not to let your classified ads lapse after the generous six (6) consecutive issues simply to renew it soon thereafter. This requires quite a bit of time and preparation on our end to put the ad back into the system when simply renewing it on time takes zero effort. Not letting your ad lapse when the item is still for sale helps us greatly!

I found the perfect Ferrari in the FML, but when I called, it was sold, I'm upset! Why do you run cars that have sold?
We're upset too! Please understand that unless we are notified, an ad WILL run in six (6) consecutive issues. Please do NOT call us upset because a Ferrari you inquired about is sold. Again, we CANNOT make a client cancel their ad when their car sells. That ads will run in six issues. All of that said, please notify us promptly if your car sells so we can remove it from the Ferrari Market Letter. Also, please do not call us upset because your ad was pulled after it has run in six (6) consecutive issues as ALL ads are pulled after six (6) consecutive issues

Why do I rarely (if ever) see the Ferrari I'm looking for
advertised in the FML?
Please do not call upset because (for example) we don't have a single 365 GTC listed and that's the exact model you are pursuing. We simply CANNOT control what and who and when one chooses to advertise. Not to mention there were only 150 365 GTCs made (further, out of those 150, how many ended up in the US and out of those, how many are on the market, how many still exist, how many will never appear for sale as they are part of a family collection?). You get the idea.

My classified ad was rejected, why?
Here are some reasons a classified ad may be rejected and NOT run in the FML: no serial number listed, no asking price listed, we cannot verify that the ad has been submitted by a current subscriber, the advertisement is NOT Ferrari related, the advertisement is misleading (refer to Volume 33 number 8), the ad exceeds 10 lines in the print edition (approx. 150 words) and finally, is someone else advertising the same car? Remember that we will always try to contact you if there's any problems.

I am a print subscriber and should have access to the online as part of my subscription, why don't you group them together? Why are they separate?
We have heard that some print subscribers feel they should be entitled to online access as part of their subscription. These are two separate subscriptions. There are expenses required to print the publication as well as expenses to have and maintain the web site. It would not be fair to those who receive print and do NOT want to pay an additional expense for online access to be billed. The same works for online subscribers who don't want to receive a print subscription in the mail. We do, however, offer a discount for those who prefer both editions. This is called a "COMBO" subscription. Our discount basically provides print subscribers online access for 50% off!

What is the difference between online and print subscriptions?
Besides the obvious, here's the "skinny"; the online edition is cheaper by about 40%, the online comes out the same day that the print is mailed (therefore you'll usually receive it two to three days sooner), the online has photos (color!) for many of the cars listed, the online has links to many of the seller's websites at the click of the mouse, online access allows one to reference all of the previous issues (back to 2001) in seconds, online offers a PDF download that makes it possible for you to read the print issue as the print subscribers do, the online offers many pertinent links for the Ferrari lifestyle. 

Print subscribers receive a professionally printed and bound publication in their mailbox that is easy to toss in a briefcase and take anywhere, print subscribers often collect issues for their library, paid advertiser's ads are there to review as one peruses through the FML, if you hate computers is there any other option?

Why do I need to describe the exterior and interior colors of the Ferrari I'm selling, I'm including a photograph?
This would be fine if online subscriptions were the only offering, however, what about the print edition where no photos are displayed? Remember, well over half to two thirds of our subscribers receive the print edition. Also, some Ferraris in photos are not clearly showing the interior, or the color is off due to time of day, shade, flash, etc.

I sent my classified ad in but it did not appear in the next issue?
Did you meet the deadline posted (every other Friday)? If you met the deadline, maybe you sent your ad to the wrong email.
Send classified ads via e-mail to or submit them thru the website (
). We do NOT accept phone calls for ad submittals as we have learned from experience... There are too many chances for error, that said we repeat...

Can I place my classified ad via my cell phone
on my lunch break?

We require all ads be submitted in writing via e-mail, online through the website or regular mail.  We do not accept ads via dictation over the phone... too many chances for error.  Another advantage to e-mail/online submittal:  If we have your e-mail address we will notify you via e-mail when your ad is about to expire.

Just know that the staff at the Ferrari Market Letter is here to gladly help you in any way we can.