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Chris Current

Volume 44 Issue 21

Oct 13, 2018

 Coppa GT Winners

     Coppa GT Winners

Phil Wantoch - 2010 458 Italia, S/N 176038

Cooper MacNeil - 1995 F50, S/N 104092


     Enzo Ferrari Memorial Award

     Overall Best of Show Ferrari

     Sponsored by Ferrari North America

1963 250 GT/L, S/N 4391 GT, Owned by Frank Ziccarelli


     Luigi Chinetti Memorial Award

     Outstanding Ferrari Road Car

     Sponsored by Pirelli

1958 250 GT LWB Spyder California, S/N 1055 GT, Owned by David MacNeil


     Phil Hill Award

     Outstanding Ferrari Competition Car

     Sponsored by David MacNeil

1953 250 MM, S/N 0258 MM, Owned by Brian Ross


     National Vintage Preservation Award

     Best Preserved Ferrari Pre-1980

     Sponsored by Southeast Region

1979 308 GT4, S/N 15192, Owned by Lorenzo Tarantino


     National Classic Preservation Award

     Best Preserved Ferrari 1980-1989

     Sponsored by Doug Teague

1988 328 GTS, S/N 76629, Owned by Gino Vendittelli


     Forza Ferrari Award

     Outstanding Ferrari built in the 1950s or 1960s

     Sponsored by Paul Russell and Company

1965 275 GTS, S/N 7427, Owned by William Shappley


     Contemporary Ferrari Award

     Outstanding Ferrari built 1975 or later

     Sponsored by Steve and Chris Ahlgrim

1990 F40, S/N 87031, Owned by Dominick Incantalupo


     Trofeo Gran Turismo Award

     Outstanding Pre-1975 Ferrari, regularly driven

     Sponsored by Charles and Carol Betz, Fred Peters

1967 330 GTC, S/N 11119, Owned by Evan Christensen


     Forte Award - Outstanding Flat 12 Award

     Sponsored by T. Rutlands

1994 512 TR, S/N 97545, Owned by Richard Baumgart


     Outstanding V-12 Award

     Outstanding Contemporary 12 cylinder Ferrari

     Sponsored by Bobileff Motorcar Company

2010 599 GTB Fiorano F1, S/N 172273, Owned by Daniel Schneeweiss


     Greatest 8 Award

     Outstanding 8 cylinder Ferrari

     Sponsored by Phil and Martha Bachman

1993 348 ts Serie Speciale 065/100, S/N 95227, Owned by Joe Dalton


     Outstanding 3 Series Ferrari

     Best 3 Series Ferrari

     Sponsored by Senega Collection - Enrique Senior

1977 308 GTB, S/N 20695, Owned by Sam DiMichele


     Grand Touring 2+2 Award

     Outstanding 2+2 Ferrari regularly driven

     Sponsored by 250 GTE Register and Newsletter

1963 250 GTE 2+2 Series III, S/N 4303 GT, Owned by Dennis and Susan Garrity

     Dino Ferrari Award

     Outstanding Dino Ferrari

     Sponsored by Rick and Suzanne Race

1974 246 GTS, S/N 08250, Owned by Eugene Rubach


     NART Award

     Outstanding NART Ferrari

     Sponsored by Dick Fritz

1974 365 GT/4BB Competizione, S/N 18139, Owned by Bob Coates


     La Miglior Daytona

     Outstanding 365 GTB/4

     Sponsored by Jay Koka

1973 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spyder, S/N 16793, Owned by David MacNeil


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